Gabino Zarabia

Gabino Zarabia



Gabino Zarabia (born August 28, 1977) is a Mexican actor and producer. He is best known for his roles in the Mexican films “Sin Nombre” (2009) and “Amores Perros” (2000). He has also starred in several successful telenovelas.

Born in Mexico City, Gabino Zarabia had a passion for the performing arts from a very young age. He studied drama in high school before attending the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he earned a degree in theater. Zarabia began his career on the stage, appearing in various plays and musicals.

In 2000, he made his film debut in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s classic “Amores Perros”. His performance was well received and he quickly became an in-demand actor. He went on to appear in several more films, including “Sin Nombre” (2009) and “Diablo” (2016).

In addition to his work in film, Zarabia has also starred in several telenovelas. His most notable roles include Antonio in “La Madrastra” (2005) and Mauricio in “Teresa” (2010).

In recent years, Zarabia has also become involved in producing films. He produced the short film “El Rey de Las Paredes” (2014) and the feature film “El misterio de las tres muertes” (2018). He is also producing the upcoming feature film “Casa de las sombras”.

Gabino Zarabia is a highly respected actor and producer in Mexico. His work has been praised for its authenticity and emotional depth. He has been honored with several awards, including the Ariel Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in “Sin Nombre”.

In addition to his professional career, Zarabia is an avid supporter of animal rights and environmental conservation. He frequently donates his time and money to various charity organizations.

Gabino Zarabia is an inspiring figure in the Mexican entertainment industry. He is an example of hard work and dedication, and his passion for the arts is evident in every project he works on.

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