Erika Stucky

Erika Stucky



Erika Stucky is a Swiss-based musician, singer, and accordionist from Zurich, Switzerland. She is best known for her eclectic style and unique fusion of folk music, jazz, and avant-garde sounds.

Stucky began her musical career as a teenager, studying classical accordion and performing in various folk groups. In 1998, she moved to Berlin and began collaborating with a wide variety of musicians, including renowned jazz trumpeter Nils Wogram and many others. This experience broadened her musical palette and she began to explore a variety of different styles.

In 2002, Stucky released her debut album, “Punkt”, which showcased her unique sound and showcased her wide range of influences. The album was critically acclaimed and earned Stucky praise for her innovative approach to music.

In the years that followed, Stucky continued to explore new sounds and collaborate with many other musicians. Her subsequent albums, “Stricke” (2005) and “Konfetti” (2007) further showcased her creative approach to music and earned her international recognition.

In 2009, Stucky released her fourth album, “Lovely Monster”, which was hailed as her most accomplished work to date. The album featured a diverse range of styles, including jazz, folk, and avant-garde, and was praised for its unique sound and imaginative arrangements.

Since then, Stucky has continued to collaborate with various musicians and explore new sounds and styles. In recent years, she has released several albums, including “The Perfect World” (2012) and “Doomsday Party” (2016).

Erika Stucky is an innovative and creative musician, whose unique style has earned her international acclaim. Her music is a captivating blend of folk, jazz, and avant-garde sounds, and she continues to push the boundaries of music with her inventive arrangements and bold approach.

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