Emily Lindin

Emily Lindin

Director, Writer, Producer


Emily Lindin is an American filmmaker and activist who has championed issues of gender equality and body image. She is best known for directing the documentary film UnSlut: A Documentary Film, which explored the impact of sexual bullying and slut-shaming on young girls.

Lindin was born in California and grew up in a progressive family, surrounded by strong female role models. She attended Harvard University, where she majored in Psychology and Women's Studies. After college, she worked in a variety of industries, including tech, retail, and finance, before finally finding her passion in filmmaking.

In 2014, Lindin directed her first documentary, UnSlut: A Documentary Film. The film explored the issue of sexual bullying and slut-shaming, particularly as it pertained to young girls, and was based on Lindin's own experiences as a middle-school student. The film was well-received, garnering critical acclaim and winning numerous awards.

In addition to her filmmaking career, Lindin is also an outspoken activist. She has spoken out against gender-based discrimination and body-shaming, as well as cyber-bullying and the sexualization of young girls. She has also been a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, calling for greater accountability and justice for victims of sexual assault and harassment.

In 2016, Lindin launched The UnSlut Project, a website and online community that provides support and resources to individuals who have been victims of sexual bullying and slut-shaming. The project is dedicated to promoting self-esteem and body positivity, as well as providing education on the topics of consent and healthy relationships.

Lindin is an inspiring figure for young women, encouraging them to speak up and take a stand against gender-based discrimination and body-shaming. Through her work as a filmmaker and activist, she continues to fight for gender equality and to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.