Elvire Duvelle-Charles

Elvire Duvelle-Charles



Elvire Duvelle-Charles is a French actress best known for her roles in films like The Da Vinci Code and The Fifth Element. Born in 1962 in Paris, she began acting at the age of 15, with a small role in the TV series Les Enfants du Soleil. She then went on to appear in numerous French films and TV series.

In her early twenties, Elvire was cast in her first major role in the French comedy film La Femme Nikita. She played the character of Louison, a young woman who is recruited by a secret government agency to become an assassin. The film was a big success and Elvire earned critical acclaim for her performance.

The following year, she appeared in Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, playing the role of Diva, an alien opera singer. She received further critical acclaim for her performance and was nominated for a César Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2006, Elvire was cast in her first international role, playing the role of the Abbess in The Da Vinci Code. The film was a huge success and Elvire’s performance was praised by critics. She went on to appear in a number of Hollywood films, including The Golden Compass, Angels & Demons, and The Three Musketeers.

In recent years, Elvire has returned to her home country of France, appearing in numerous French films and television series. She has also starred in two French-language films, Elles and Disparue en Hiver.

Elvire Duvelle-Charles is a highly acclaimed actress who has shown her versatility by appearing in both French and international films. Her performances have earned her numerous awards and nominations. She continues to act and is considered one of the most talented actresses in the film industry.

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