Ebonee Davis

Ebonee Davis



Ebonee Davis is an American model and activist who has become a powerful voice for change in the fashion industry. She advocates for the inclusion of people of color in the fashion industry and for body positivity. Born in 1994 in Alabama, Davis was raised in a supportive and loving family that encouraged her to express herself and pursue her dreams.

Davis attended Auburn University in Alabama where she studied business and finance before deciding to pursue a career in modeling. She was scouted by an agent and soon represented by the Wilhelmina modeling agency. She has since appeared on the pages of major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

Davis has become a prominent voice in the fashion industry, speaking out against racism and discrimination. She is a vocal advocate for the inclusion of people of color in the fashion industry, believing that the industry should reflect the diversity of the world. She also speaks up for body positivity, encouraging people to embrace their bodies and love themselves.

In 2018, Davis was named one of BBC’s 100 Women and was honored with the Female Model of the Year award by Models.com. She has also been featured in numerous campaigns, including the Adidas x Parley sustainability campaign.

In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Davis has become an active advocate for social justice. She has spoken out against police brutality in her home state of Alabama and has been a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She has also been a strong advocate for mental health awareness and is a fierce supporter of women’s rights.

Ebonee Davis is an inspiring activist and model who is using her platform to speak up for those who have been silenced. Her activism and advocacy for social justice is helping to shape a more inclusive and diverse fashion industry, and her message of self-love and body positivity is inspiring people around the world.

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