Dewald Aukema

Dewald Aukema

Actor, Director of Photography


Dewald Aukema is a Dutch actor based in Amsterdam. He is best known for his roles in the Dutch films “Boy 7” and “Komt een vrouw bij de dokter”.

Aukema was born in the Netherlands in 1991. Growing up, he was passionate about sports, specifically gymnastics and volleyball. He found himself gravitating towards the stage in high school, when he joined the school's theatre group. Aukema enjoyed performing and knew he wanted to pursue a career in the industry.

After high school, Aukema began studying acting at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. While studying, he gained experience in various student films and theatre productions. He graduated in 2013, and began auditioning for professional roles.

In 2014, Aukema was cast in his first feature film, “Boy 7”. The film was a critical success and was nominated for several awards. His performance was praised by critics, and he was nominated for a Golden Calf Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In 2015, Aukema starred in the drama film “Komt een vrouw bij de dokter”. His performance was once again praised, and he was nominated for a Golden Calf Award for Best Actor.

In 2016, Aukema starred in the Dutch television series “De Luizenmoeder”. His performance in the series was widely acclaimed, and he won a Golden Calf Award for Best Actor.

Since then, Aukema has continued to work in television and film. He has appeared in numerous Dutch films, television shows, and theatre productions. He is also a regular cast member in the television series “De Ridder”, for which he was nominated for a Golden Calf Award for Best Actor in 2018.

Today, Aukema is still based in Amsterdam and continues to work in the Dutch entertainment industry. He is widely recognized as one of the most talented and popular actors in the Netherlands.