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Des Henderson



Des Henderson is a multi-award-winning director, producer, and cinematographer based in the United Kingdom. He has worked on numerous projects across the globe, from feature films to documentaries and commercials.

Des Henderson started his career in the film industry as an assistant director in 2002. He quickly worked his way up to becoming a full-time director in 2004. His work has taken him to many countries, including India, China, and the United States.

In 2006, Des won the Best Director award at the British Independent Film Awards for his feature film, “The Last Train”. His work on the film made him one of the most sought-after filmmakers in the industry.

In 2009, he was hired by the BBC to direct a series of documentaries about the world’s most endangered species. He was awarded the BAFTA for Best Factual Series for this work.

In 2010, Des was hired to direct his first feature film, “The Man Who Sold the World”. The film was a critical success and won several awards. It was nominated for the BAFTA for Best British Film and was in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival.

Des has continued to work on films and television projects around the world. His most recent project was a feature-length documentary for the BBC about the 2011 tsunami in Japan. He has directed several commercials for major brands such as Coca Cola, McDonald's, and Nike.

Throughout his career, Des Henderson has shown a commitment to the craft of filmmaking. He is passionate about telling stories that have the power to move and inspire an audience. He believes that cinema can be a powerful tool for social change.

Des Henderson is a highly respected figure in the film industry. He has been recognized for his work with numerous awards and accolades. He continues to work on projects that bring his unique vision to life.

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