David W. Wahl

David W. Wahl

Actor, Writer


David W. Wahl is an American actor best known for his roles in films like The Wolf of Wall Street, The Bourne Legacy and the television series The Blacklist.

Born on July 1, 1973 in Los Angeles, California, he was raised in the San Fernando Valley by his parents, a nurse and a firefighter. Growing up, David had a passion for the performing arts which he began to explore in high school. After graduating, he attended the University of California Santa Barbara where he studied theatre and film.

David began his career in 1998 when he landed a small role in the feature film The Replacement Killers. From there, he went on to have roles in several television series, including The West Wing, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Blacklist.

In 2013, David made his big screen debut in the highly acclaimed film The Wolf of Wall Street. He then went on to appear in The Bourne Legacy and The Magnificent Seven. In 2020, he had a role in the Netflix film The Old Guard.

David’s career has also expanded into the world of voiceover work. He has done voice roles for video games like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: Battlefront. He has also been the voice of commercials for companies like Volkswagen and Sprint.

David is also an accomplished stage actor and has performed in multiple plays over the years. He has also made appearances on the popular television show The Big Bang Theory.

David has earned a great deal of recognition for his work in the entertainment industry. He has been nominated for numerous awards, including Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

David W. Wahl is an actor who has achieved great success in both television and film. With his talent and dedication, he has been able to carve out a successful career in the entertainment industry.

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