David Kornis

David Kornis



David Kornis is an American actor from Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his work in films such as The Revenant, Arrival, and The Maze Runner. He is also well-known for his television roles, having appeared on shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Castle, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Kornis first began his acting career in his early twenties when he appeared in student films and television commercials. After making a name for himself in the entertainment industry, he began to pursue more prominent roles in movies and television. His first major role came in 2008 when he was cast as a guest star on the popular crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He then went on to play a recurring role on the ABC drama Castle.

In 2011, Kornis made his big-screen debut in the Academy Award-winning western film The Revenant. He played a supporting role in the movie, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. Following the success of The Revenant, Kornis went on to appear in critically acclaimed films such as Arrival and The Maze Runner.

Kornis has also had numerous guest-starring roles on television. He has appeared on shows such as Bones, The Mentalist, and NCIS: Los Angeles. He also had a recurring role on the Netflix series The OA.

Kornis is currently still active in the entertainment industry. He appears in both film and television, and continues to take on new roles. He is known for his dedication to his craft, and is well-respected by his peers.

David Kornis is a talented actor who has worked hard to build a successful career in the entertainment industry. His work in films such as The Revenant and Arrival has earned him critical acclaim, as well as a place in the hearts of fans. Kornis is an inspiring figure who has dedicated his life to his craft, and continues to entertain audiences with his performances.

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