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David Furnish



David Furnish is a Canadian filmmaker, producer, and co-founder of Rocket Pictures. Born in Toronto, Ontario on October 25, 1962, he is the son of Jack Furnish, a real estate agent, and Gladys Furnish, a schoolteacher. He attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a degree in economics and psychology.

Furnish began his career in the entertainment industry as a production assistant at MuchMusic, a Canadian music television station. After gaining experience in the production world, he moved to London to pursue a career in advertising. In 1992, he and his partner, Elton John, founded Rocket Pictures, a film and television production company.

Furnish has worked on several films, including the 2005 animated feature, The Producers, and the 2010 musical, Gnomeo & Juliet. He also executive-produced the 2017 biographical drama, Rocketman, which depicted the life of his partner, Elton John. Beyond films, Furnish has produced various television shows, including the 2020 HBO documentary series, Elton John: Spectacle.

Furnish has made a name for himself not only as a successful producer, but also as an advocate for LGBT rights. He and Elton John have been a powerful voice for the community, speaking out against discrimination and raising awareness of LGBT issues. In 2014, the pair became the first same-sex couple to enter into a civil partnership in the United Kingdom.

David Furnish is a multi-talented force in the entertainment industry. His work on films such as The Producers and Gnomeo & Juliet, as well as his involvement in television, have helped to shape the industry. Furthermore, his and Elton John’s activism on behalf of the LGBT community has been an inspiration for others.

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