Clare Havell

Clare Havell

Director, Sound Designer, Editor


Clare Havell is an award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter. She is best known for her work on films such as “The Baby Steps” and “The Teacher’s Tale”.

Clare Havell was born in London in 1965. She grew up surrounded by the theatre and film industry, as her parents were both involved in the business. From an early age, she was fascinated by the art of story-telling and the power of visual media. She spent her free time writing stories and creating her own short films.

Clare studied directing and producing at the National Film and Television School in London. After graduating, she began her career as an assistant director on a number of television series. She then moved onto directing her own television projects, including an episode of the popular British drama “Casualty”.

In 2003, Clare wrote and directed her first feature film, “The Baby Steps”. The low budget film was a critical success and won numerous awards at film festivals around the world. The success of the film led to her being signed up to direct and produce her second feature, “The Teacher’s Tale”. The film was a box office hit and received great reviews.

Clare has since gone on to direct a number of other feature films, including “The House of Tomorrow”, “The Last Word”, and “The Price of Love”. She has also written and directed several documentary films, most notably “The Gift of Life”, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

Clare is passionate about creating inspiring and thought-provoking films that tell powerful stories. She is currently working on a new feature film, “The Shepherd”, which is due for release in 2021.

Clare Havell is a highly respected and acclaimed director, producer, and screenwriter. Her films have won numerous awards and she has earned a reputation for creating truly unique and captivating stories. She is a true master of her craft and continues to make an inspirational contribution to the world of film.