Chucho E. Quintero

Chucho E. Quintero



Chucho E. Quintero was born in Río Blanco, Veracruz, Mexico in 1989. He has studied with teachers such as Paula Markovitch, Ignacio Ortiz, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, and Jorge Ayala Blanco. He has worked as a translator/interpreter for several Mexican film festivals since 2009, and he has subtitled films for filmmakers such as H.P. Mendoza, Roberto Fiesco, Julián Hernández, Pablo Delgado Sánchez, Juan Carlos Carrasco, Javier Espada, Alejandro Iglesias Mendizábal, and Omar Flores Sarabia. In 2011, he premieres his first feature called “Six Pack” at the 15th Mix Mexico Film Festival, where he wins the IMJUVE Award for Best Director Under 30 for his short film, “Félix et le poisson”. He briefly attended Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, where he shot his latest short film, “100m Freestyle”. He's currently working on post-production for his new feature length film, “Velociraptor” which has been screened at the 18th Mix Mexico Film Festival, 19th LesGaiCineMad (Spain), 12th LGBT Film Festival 'The Place Without Limits' (Ecuador), and the 17th Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (USA); while pre-producing his next picture, “Cabin, or how to survive insolence”, soon to be filmed during the summer of 2015. [Updated: April 2015]


April 26, 1989

Place of birth

Río Blanco, Veracruz, Mexico

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