Carmen Elena Belaschk

Carmen Elena Belaschk



Carmen Elena Belaschk is a film director, producer and screenwriter from Mexico. She is best known for her award-winning films, “Las Viejas de Garabandal” and “The King of the Mountain”.

Belaschk was born in Mexico City on December 8, 1966, and raised in a family of filmmakers and artists. She studied at the UNAM Film School, graduating with a degree in Film Direction in 1992. Her first feature film, “Las Viejas de Garabandal”, was released in 1999 and was awarded the Silver Ariel at the Ariel Awards in Mexico.

Belaschk has since directed several critically acclaimed feature films, including the romantic comedy “Un Dia en la Vida” (2002), the historical drama “La Revolucion” (2005), and the biopic “The King of the Mountain” (2009). She also directed the documentary “Huellas de la Revolucion” (2006) and the TV series “Bajo el Mismo Cielo” (2015).

In addition to directing, Belaschk has also been involved in producing and screenwriting. She wrote the screenplay for the Mexican comedy film “El Limonero Real” (2013) and was a producer on the documentary “Ciudad Juarez” (2015).

Belaschk has been recognized for her work with several awards, including an Ariel Award for Best Direction for “Las Viejas de Garabandal”, a Silver Ariel for “The King of the Mountain”, and a Bronze Ariel for “Un Dia en la Vida”. She has also been nominated for a Goya Award and a Satellite Award.

Throughout her career, Belaschk has strived to tell stories that portray the realities of life in Mexico. Her films often focus on social issues, such as poverty, immigration and political corruption. By doing so, she hopes to raise awareness and inspire change in her country.

Belaschk continues to work in the film industry, directing, producing and writing. She is currently in post-production on her latest film, “The Devil’s Door”, which is set to be released in 2021.

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