Carlos Mayolo

Carlos Mayolo

Actor, Director, Writer


Carlos Mayolo (1948-2011) was a Colombian filmmaker, critic, and artist. He was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and grew up in a family of intellectuals. He studied philosophy and literature at the National University of Colombia before going on to study film at the Centro Experimental de Cinematografía in Rome and the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía in Mexico City.

Mayolo was a pioneer of the New Latin American Cinema in Colombia. He was an outspoken advocate for the use of film as a medium to explore Colombia’s social and political issues. His first feature film, The Moon in the Gutter (1983), is considered a classic of Colombian cinema. The film follows the story of two brothers who fall in love with the same woman. It was recognized with several awards, including the Grand Prix at the Montreal International Film Festival.

Mayolo continued to make films throughout his career, often exploring themes of Colombian history and culture. These films include The Dinner (1984), The Marquise of O (1989) and The Wind of the Moon (1991). His films have been screened at festivals around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival.

Mayolo also wrote extensively on film and art. He was a founder and director of the Experimental Film Center of Bogotá and the National School of Cinema. He taught film theory and criticism at the National University of Colombia and the University of the Andes.

Mayolo’s work has been widely praised for its unique and innovative approach to filmmaking. He was a passionate advocate for using film as a medium to explore Colombia’s social and political issues. His films continue to be celebrated by critics and audiences alike.

Though he passed away in 2011, Mayolo’s legacy lives on. His films and writings remain influential in the world of Latin American cinema, and he has been recognized as one of the most important filmmakers of his generation.

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