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Brett Fleisher



Brett Fleisher is an American actor best known for his roles in films like Little Man Tate, Jurassic Park III, and The Islands. He was born in Los Angeles, California on May 16, 1978.

Fleisher began his acting career at a young age, appearing in commercials and TV shows as a child. After graduating high school, he moved to New York City to pursue an acting career. He enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where he honed his craft and landed small roles in films.

In 1991, Fleisher made his big-screen debut in the critically acclaimed drama Little Man Tate, starring Jodie Foster and Dianne Wiest. Fleisher played the role of a young boy who is a musical prodigy. The film was a success and earned him praise from critics.

In 1997, Fleisher appeared in the blockbuster hit Jurassic Park III, playing the role of Billy Brennan, a paleontologist and computer expert. The film was a huge success and catapulted Fleisher into the public eye.

In 2003, Fleisher appeared in the independent drama The Islands, starring Neve Campbell and Alan Rickman. Fleisher played the role of a young man who finds himself in a strange and mysterious new world. The film was well-received by critics and earned Fleisher a nomination for Best Male Performance at the Independent Spirit Awards.

In recent years, Fleisher has appeared in numerous television shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Weeds. He has also appeared in films such as The Stepfather and The Good Son.

Brett Fleisher is an accomplished actor who has established himself as a respected performer in Hollywood. His performances in films like Little Man Tate, Jurassic Park III, and The Islands have earned him critical acclaim and endeared him to fans around the world.

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