Bianca Badham

Bianca Badham



Bianca Badham (b. 1982) is an Australian actress best known for her roles in films such as The Great Gatsby, The Dressmaker and The Sapphires.

Bianca was born in Sydney and grew up in the beachside suburb of Collaroy. She attended the Australian Theatre for Young People and the University of Wollongong, where she studied Drama. She began her career in the theatre, appearing in works such as ‘The Sisters’ and ‘The Crucible’.

In 2007, Bianca made her television debut in the drama ‘Headland’. She was then cast in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. She went on to appear in several other films, including ‘The Sapphires’ and ‘The Dressmaker’, for which she received critical acclaim.

Bianca also had several notable television roles, appearing in the series ‘Rake’ and ‘The Code’. She also appeared in the popular Australian drama ‘Offspring’.

In addition to her acting career, Bianca also works as a voiceover artist. She has done voiceover work for television commercials, as well as narration work for documentaries.

In her personal life, Bianca is an advocate for mental health issues, having struggled with depression and anxiety in the past. She is also an active supporter of animal rights and the environment.

Bianca is an inspiring example of how following one’s dreams can lead to success. Her career is an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to great things.

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