Bernardo Arsuaga

Bernardo Arsuaga



Bernardo Arsuaga is a Spanish director, producer and screenwriter who has been producing films and television series since the 1990s. He has worked on a wide range of genres, from romantic comedies to action movies, and his works have been shown at festivals around the world.

Born in Madrid in 1967, Bernardo’s love for film began as a child. When he was nine, he started making his own short films with his friends, and it was then that he knew he wanted to pursue filmmaking as a career. After attending film school in Madrid, he began working in the television industry, producing and directing several successful TV programs.

In 1995, Bernardo wrote and directed his first feature film, “La Línea de la Concepción”, which premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film was a critical success and won numerous awards, including the Goya Award for Best New Director.

Since then, Bernardo has worked on a variety of projects, including the romantic comedy “Cuando Los Hombres Vuelven”, the action movie “La Bestia”, and the TV series “Los Serrano”. He has also directed several documentaries, including “Sobre la Tierra” and “La Ribera de San Sebastian”.

In recent years, Bernardo has branched out into other areas of filmmaking, such as producing and editing. He produced the feature film “La Vida es una Película”, which won the Goya Award for Best Documentary in 2020. He also served as a co-producer on the hit drama series “Velvet”, and is currently the executive producer of the upcoming series “Las Chicas del Cable”.

Bernardo’s passion for filmmaking is evident in his work, and his films have been praised for their emotion, complexity, and visual flair. He continues to be one of Spain’s most respected and accomplished directors, and is sure to have many more successes in the years to come.

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