Arnas Butkus

Arnas Butkus



Arnas Butkus is a Lithuanian actor and producer who is known for his work in both film and television. He was born on 5th August 1984 in Vilnius, Lithuania and grew up in a family of actors. His father, Vytautas Butkus, is a well-known Lithuanian theatre and film actor and his mother, Ramune Butkiene, is a former actress.

Butkus started his acting career at a young age, appearing in various Lithuanian films and television series. He made his film debut in 1998 in the Lithuanian comedy Siurprizas, and went on to star in other films such as Zuikis (2000), PaskutinÄ—s dienos (2002), and Operacija Å¡v. Jurgis (2004).

In 2004, Butkus won the Lithuanian Film Academy's Best Actor award for his performance in the film The Last Day. He then went on to appear in several international films, including the British comedy The Boat That Rocked (2009) and the Russian drama The Edge (2010).

Butkus has also had a successful career as a television actor, appearing in such series as the Lithuanian medical drama Gydytojai (2005), the Lithuanian crime drama Kriminalistai (2007), and the Lithuanian soap opera Vaiduokliai (2008).

He is currently the co-owner and producer of the independent production company Inga Films, which produces films, television series, and commercials. He has also served as an executive producer for the Lithuanian films PaskutinÄ—s dienos (2003) and Operacija Å¡v. Jurgis (2004).

Butkus is married to Lithuanian actress and director Inga Lukauskiene, with whom he has two children. He is also an avid cyclist and skier, and is an active member of the Lithuanian cycling and skiing organizations.

Arnas Butkus is a leading figure in the Lithuanian film and television industry. He has won numerous awards for his acting, and is also a successful producer. He is committed to creating high-quality films and television series, and is dedicated to promoting Lithuanian cinema.

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