Aristeidis Antonas

Aristeidis Antonas



Aristeidis Antonas is an actor, director and screenwriter from Greece. He is best known for his roles in the television series “Thiseas” (2003) and “Oikogeneia Vlaptei” (2006). He has also appeared in films such as “Bam” (2008) and “Tzitzikas kai Mitsikas” (2015).

Anronas was born on the 3rd of August 1979 in Athens, Greece. He grew up in a family of actors, including his father, Aristeidis Antonas Sr., and his mother, Maria Antoniou. His father was a well-known actor in Greece and his mother was a teacher. Antonas studied acting at the National Theatre of Greece under the guidance of the legendary director Michalis Reppas.

In 2003, Antonas made his acting debut in the television series “Thiseas”. The show was a huge success and Antonas’ performance was praised by both critics and viewers. He then went on to appear in several other television series, including “Oikogeneia Vlaptei” (2006), “Lipseis” (2007) and “Oi Kontres” (2008).

In 2008, Antonas made his big screen debut in the film “Bam”. He also directed and wrote the screenplay for the movie. The film was a success and Antonas was praised for his direction. He went on to direct several other films, including “Tzitzikas kai Mitsikas” (2015). He also wrote the screenplay for the film.

Antonas is currently working on several projects, including the television series “Kontres” (2018) and the film “Efta Mistika” (2020). He is also working on his first feature film, “The Last Summer”, which is scheduled for release in 2021.

Aristeidis Antonas is a talented actor, director and screenwriter from Greece. He has worked on a variety of projects and has earned a reputation as one of the most promising filmmakers in Greece. He continues to work on challenging projects and is set to release several more films in the coming years.

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