Anna Kryvenko

Anna Kryvenko



Anna Kryvenko is a Ukrainian-born film director, producer and screenwriter who has made a significant impact on the film industry. Born in the city of Kyiv in 1971, Anna grew up in a supportive family with a passion for the arts. After graduating from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Anna began her career in the film industry as an assistant director on the feature film “The Seventh Day” in 1998.

Anna quickly worked her way up the ranks, directing her first feature film “Silent Sky” in 2003. This critically acclaimed film won the Grand Prix at the Molodist International Film Festival in 2004. This success was followed up with her second feature “The Long Farewell” in 2006. This film was nominated for a Grand Prix at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Since then, Anna has gone on to direct several other feature films, including “The White Bird” (2008), “The Quiet Place” (2009), “The Road Home” (2011), and “The Nightfall” (2013). She has also produced and written a number of short films, documentaries, and television projects. In addition, she has written and directed the stage plays “The End of Time” and “The Long Goodbye”.

Anna is most well-known for her unique filmmaking style, which focuses on exploring the inner depths of the human spirit. She is passionate about creating films that provoke thought and emotion in her viewers. Throughout her career, she has continued to push the boundaries of storytelling, tackling complex topics such as love, loss, and faith.

Anna’s films have been praised by critics and audiences alike, and she has received numerous awards and nominations for her work. She has been honored by the European Film Academy and the Ukrainian National Film Awards, and her films have been screened at numerous festivals.

Anna is an inspiring figure in the film industry, proving that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Her work has been an inspiration to many aspiring filmmakers and she continues to be an important figure in the industry.

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