Andrés Marriquín

Andrés Marriquín



Andrés Marriquín is a renowned Mexican film director and producer best known for his work on the critically acclaimed Netflix series La Casa de las Flores. He is known for his creative visual style and his ability to take risks in his storytelling.

Marriquín began his career in the film industry in the late 90s. He wrote and directed his first feature film in 2002, a drama called “Hombres de Honor”. The film was a success, winning several awards and garnering favorable reviews. This success led to Marriquín directing and producing a series of short films and films for television.

In 2014, Marriquín made his first foray into international filmmaking with the feature film “No Se Aceptan Devoluciones”. This romantic comedy was a major box-office success, grossing over $100 million worldwide. His next feature film, 2016's “La Casa de las Flores”, was a dark comedy about a wealthy family in Mexico City. The film won numerous awards, including the Ariel Award for Best Picture.

Marriquín’s other notable works include the 2018 feature film “Casa de las Estrellas”, the 2019 Netflix series “Gentefied”, and the 2020 Netflix series “La Casa de las Flores: El Final”. He also directed the 2019 documentary “Roma: La Madre de Todas las Ciudades”, about the city of Mexico City.

Marriquín is known for his visual style and willingness to take risks with his storytelling. He has a unique visual style that often features intricate details in the background to create a feeling of depth and atmosphere. He also has a knack for telling stories that explore human relationships in a humorous and sometimes heartbreaking way.

Marriquín’s films have been praised by critics and audiences alike for their unique visual style and strong storytelling. He is one of the most talented and successful filmmakers in Mexico and his work has won numerous awards. With a diverse body of work that ranges from comedies to dramas to documentaries, Andrés Marriquín is a director to watch.

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