Alissa Suicide

Alissa Suicide



Alissa Suicide is an American model, cosplayer, and Instagram personality. She has gained popularity for her alternative look, and her unique fashion style. She is also known for her work in the cosplay community.

Born in 1987 in Florida, Alissa Suicide moved to California at a young age. Growing up, she developed an interest in modeling, fashion, and photography. She started her modeling career at age 16 by participating in various fashion shoots. She quickly gained attention for her unique look, and her ability to transform herself into different characters.

Alissa Suicide took her modeling career to the next level by becoming a part of the cosplay community. She began to dress up as characters from different universes, such as Disney, Marvel, and DC. Her unique style and ability to capture the spirit of each character has earned her recognition within the cosplay community.

Alissa Suicide has also become an Instagram celebrity, with over 1.7 million followers as of 2020. She often posts photos of her cosplay looks and her everyday fashion. She also uses her platform to share her thoughts on the fashion industry, mental health, and body positivity.

Alissa Suicide has also been featured on multiple magazine covers, including Cosplay Culture, Bizarre, and Glamour. She has also walked the runway for various fashion designers, such as Jeremy Scott, Moschino, and Anna Sui. She has also been featured in music videos, such as Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries”, and has been the face of many fashion campaigns.

Alissa Suicide has made a name for herself in the fashion and cosplay world. She continues to inspire her followers and fans with her unique looks and her positive attitude. With her fashion sense, and her ability to bring characters to life, she is sure to remain a popular figure in the fashion industry.

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