Alberto Cardoso

Alberto Cardoso



Alberto Cardoso is a Portuguese actor who has appeared in a number of television series, films, and theatre productions. He is best known for his roles in the film “O Preço da Vida” (The Price of Life), and the television series “Vidas Opostas” (Opposite Lives).

Born in Lisbon, Portugal on April 11, 1982, Alberto Cardoso began his career in acting at a young age. After appearing in a handful of television commercials, Cardoso made his professional acting debut in the television series “Vidas Opostas” in 1999. Cardoso played the role of José, a troubled teenage boy who struggles to find his place in a world where his parents are constantly at odds.

Cardoso’s performance in “Vidas Opostas” earned him a nomination for Best Actor at the Portuguese Golden Globe Awards. He also garnered praise for his performance in the romantic comedy “O Preço da Vida”, which was released in 2003. In the film, Cardoso plays the lead role of António, a young man who is searching for his place in life after his girlfriend suddenly leaves him.

Since then, Cardoso has appeared in many other television series and films, including “A Muralha” (The Wall), “Os Nossos Dias” (Our Days), “Os Homens da Minha Vida” (The Men of My Life), “Amor, Amizade e Outras Coisas” (Love, Friendship and Other Things), and “Casa dos Segredos 4” (Big Brother 4). He also appeared in the theatre production “O Mágico de Oz” (The Wizard of Oz) at the Calouste Gulbenkian Theatre in Lisbon.

In addition to acting, Cardoso is also a well-known singer. He has released several singles, including “Vou Te Amar” (I Will Love You) and “Eu Quero Ver” (I Want to See). His music has been featured in many television series and films, including “Vidas Opostas” and “O Preço da Vida”.

Today, Alberto Cardoso continues to be a successful actor and singer. He is passionate about his work and is one of the most iconic actors

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