Adela Peeva

Adela Peeva

Actor, Director, Writer


Adela Peeva is a Bulgarian documentary filmmaker and journalist who has received international recognition for her work. She was born in Sofia in 1977 and studied film and television at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in her home country.

Peeva has directed several documentaries, including The Riddle of the Nightingale (2008) and Pitch Black (2011). The Riddle of the Nightingale follows the story of a Bulgarian village that is threatened by a hidden military base, while Pitch Black focuses on the struggles of a single mother in post-communist Bulgaria. This documentary won the Best Documentary award at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Peeva has also directed a number of short films, including The Last Day of Summer (2004), which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and Reanimator (2011), which was nominated for Best Short Film at the European Film Awards.

In addition to her directing work, Peeva has worked as a journalist for the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik, where she has written articles on topics such as politics, culture, and the environment. She has also written for several international publications, including The Guardian and The New York Times.

Peeva has received multiple awards for her work, including the Golden Rose Award at the National Film Festival of Bulgaria, the Best Documentary award at the Moscow International Film Festival, and the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.

Peeva is currently based in Bulgaria, where she works with a variety of international production companies. She is passionate about bringing stories of marginalized communities to the screen and is working on several new projects.

Adela Peeva is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker who has used her work to shine a light on stories that often go untold. Her unyielding dedication to capturing the truth has earned her widespread recognition and awards from around the world.

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