Adam Parfrey

Adam Parfrey

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Adam Parfrey (1957-2018) was a documentary filmmaker, author, publisher, and public speaker who was instrumental in bringing independent and underground materials to the public. He was born in 1957 in Seattle, Washington, and grew up in a family of newspaper editors.

Parfrey was an early adopter of the internet and was instrumental in the development of the CD-ROM format. He was also involved in the production of the CD-ROM series “The Paranormal Source Book” and “The Occult Source Book.” His work in this area was the first of its kind and served as a template for future projects.

Parfrey wrote and edited a number of books, most famously the non-fiction collection Apocalypse Culture (1987). He also edited the book, Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3 (1992), which was a collection of articles and research on conspiracies and secret agendas. In addition to his books, he also published a number of magazines and newsletters including, Process, Re/Search, and his own Feral House imprint.

Parfrey is perhaps most famous for his documentary films, which he wrote and produced. His most notable work includes the critically acclaimed documentaries “American Mystic” (1996) and “The Minds of Men” (2002). The former was a look at the spiritual lives of Americans, while the latter examined the effects of mind control and manipulation.

Parfrey was also an active public speaker and lecturer, appearing at conferences and conventions across the country. He was an outspoken advocate of free speech and the right to independent thought. His lectures often focused on the topics of his books and documentaries, including the occult and conspiracy theories.

Parfrey passed away in 2018 at the age of 61. He left behind a legacy of independent thought and a lasting impact on the world of documentary filmmaking. His work has been featured in countless books, magazines, and films, and his influence can still be felt in the independent media world.

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