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Zero Hour: Massacre at Columbine High

  • 0 10
  • 2004
  • Nonemin

This movie covers the final hour leading up to the Columbine High Massacre. On April 20, 1999, two boys from Columbine High School in Colorado embarked on a massacre and killed 12 students, one teacher, and injured 21 other students, before turning the guns on themselves.

David Hickman
David Hickman Director, Writer
Andre Barro
Andre Barro Executive Producer
Simon Berthon
Simon Berthon Producer
Damir I. Chytil
Damir I. Chytil Director of photography
Adelle Gaudet
Adelle Gaudet Costume Design
Dar Higden
Dar Higden Assistant Art Director
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Eric Harris
Josh Young
Josh Young Dylan Klebold
Alex Macdonald
Alex Macdonald John Savage
Gabriel Antonacci
Gabriel Antonacci Aaron Hancey
Alan K. Sapp
Alan K. Sapp Dave Sanders
James Gilbert
James Gilbert Brooks Brown
Alison Anthony
Alison Anthony Patti Nielson
Shane Harbinson
Shane Harbinson Deputy Neil Gardner

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