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2012 52min

Youth of Today

  • Dutch
  • English

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Youth of Today is a documentary about three youngsters in the summer of 2012: Otham Allah (21), Nina de Koning (20) and Nick Muiser. Othman wants to focus on his boxing career, but before he can realize his good intentions, he is due to serve a sentence in prison. Nina moved to a tiny studio flat in the big city, however pretty soon finds herself lonely and out of money. Nick also seems to deal with the lack of money. Fortunately though, he has his friends with whom he is still trying to have a good time and enjoy some of this marvelous summer sun of 2012.

Youth of today” One Summer and three portraits of contemporary youth

Directors Sam De Jong and Sjoerd Oostrik take a look at today´s youth following three youngsters immersed in the urban environment during the particular Dutch summer. At the beginning of the film, one of out protagonists, Otham Allah, a young man of Moroccan origin, complains about the cloudy and lethargic day as he walks towards an improvised barbershop inside a garage to shave his haircut. In a few days, Otham will have to serve time in prison to pay the consequences of a quarrel.

As the film evolves, it seems that the sun will gain space over the clouds of peaceful Amsterdam. There, the camera moves with speed in the street to follow Nina Koning´s bike ride, she is a twenty-year-old girl from the province that begins a new life in the city. Her new apartment is perhaps too small; her pockets seem to shrink everyday and the search for a job that can satisfy her or a friend with whom to share uncertainty become quotidian goals difficult to achieve.

The last member of this triptych, Nick Muiser, is a normal guy who manages to get some fun out of this un forgettable summer without having much money, but with company of some friends. The summer portraits of these three characters are shown like a dynamic zigzag with an intelligent film camera that adjusts to the rhythm and aesthetics of each of them in their ceaseless construction of a youth that vibrates every second to leave a its mark despite everyday obstacles of life.


Sjoerd Oostrik
Sam De Jong