• 8.3 10
  • 2012
  • 52min
  • Original Title: YORZEIT

In the ruined cemetery in Gorlice, in Southern Poland, there is the grave of the tzaddik, a holy master, forgotten years ago by the world. For 30 years now devout Meir Moszkowicz climbs on the top of a quiet provincial town cemetery from crowded Bnei Brak in Israel. Gorlice is a place where the meaning of life revealed to Meir along with the mystic presence of his beloved master.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: New York Jewish Film Festival/ Cinema Verite Iran Documentary Film Festival

Yorzeit, The loyal follower

Meir Moszkowicz, a Jewish believer based in Israel, embarks on a mystical journey to the Polish town of Gorlice in order to visit the tomb of his master Zvi, a rabbi to whom he owes his life after propitiating a miracle during a plane flight.

Together with his colleagues, Meir Moszkowicz engages in conversations with the authorities of Gorlice in order to restore the tomb and the cemetery in which it is located, which was partially destroyed by the Nazis. 

With a calm rhythm and a sensitive pulse, similar to the spiritual connection of our protagonist with the soul of his beloved master, in this beautiful film we follow the quest of a Hasid in his desire to rescue the legacy of a legendary Rabbi forgotten by time.

Production Companies

Studio Filmowe Kronika

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