Yakuqñan, Water Paths

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  • 2023
  • 88min
Yakuqñan, Water Paths
  • Original Title: Yakuqñan, Caminos del Agua

Explore Peru's stunning landscapes and the enduring connection between its people, water, and land, from ancient civilizations to modern times, revealing the profound significance of these elements in daily life.

Yakuqñan, Water Paths

Yakuqñan, Water Paths - Andean cutural connection

This entertaining documentary delves into the heart of Peru's majestic scenery, from coastal shores to towering Andean peaks and lush Amazonian jungles, as we embark on a captivating exploration of the enduring connection between Peruvian people and the elements of water and land. Through captivating scenes of everyday life, we witness women and men engaged in fishing along coastal waters, cultivating the fertile soils of the Andean highlands, and navigating the dense foliage of the Amazon basin. This visual odyssey offers a profound insight into the profound cultural heritage and contemporary significance of these vital natural resources in the lives of Peruvians.

Juan Durán
Juan Durán Director

Production Companies

Paulo Puerta

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