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  • 6 10
  • 2006
  • Nonemin
  • English

From the masters who create the mind-bending diversions to the tense competition at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, Patrick Creadon's documentary reveals a fascinating look at a decidedly addictive pastime. Creadon captures New York Times editor Will Shortz at work, talks to celebrity solvers -- including Bill Clinton and Ken Burns -- and presents an intimate look at the national tournament and its competitors.

  • English
Patrick Creadon
Patrick Creadon Director, Writer
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Himself
Will Shortz
Will Shortz Himself
Merl Reagle
Merl Reagle Himself
Tyler Hinman
Tyler Hinman Himself
Trip Payne
Trip Payne Himself
Al Sanders
Al Sanders Himself
Jon Delfin
Jon Delfin Himself
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart Himself