Without you, Without me

  • 9 10
  • 2022
  • 14min
Without you, Without me
  • Original Title: Sans Vous, Sans Moi

A woman's journey of connection through the lens of a camera explores the bittersweet reality of familial bonds stretched across continents and the silent struggle against time and illness.

Without you, Without me

AWARDS: Honorable Mention. Kasseler Dokfest Documentary and Video Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Visions du Réel/ Tënk AwardFamily Film Project/ FranceJihlava Documentary Film Festival/ Faito Doc Festival/ West Lake International Documentary Festival/ KIN International Women's Film Festival/ DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival

Without you, Without me - A camera becomes a bridge over the vast distances of love and loss


This poignant documentary tells the story of a filmmaker who, after relocating from Russia to France as a child, maintains her ties with her distant family through video calls. Secretly filming these conversations, she captures the mundane and significant moments of her separated family's life.


The emotional weight of this physical and emotional distance grows when she discovers her cousin Sonia's battle with cancer. As Sonia's time dwindles, the filmmaker grapples with the limitations of her remote connections and the desire to be closer. The documentary weaves together these secretly captured dialogues and personal reflections, painting a touching narrative about love, loss, and the meaning of presence in the age of digital communication.

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Adèle Shaykhulova

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