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Wine Cliffs

  • 0 10
  • 2009
  • Nonemin
Wine Cliffs
  • Original Title: Rupi del vino

Ermanno Olmi has returned to documentary filmmaking and makes a journey through valleys, living rocks and the culture of the Valtellina hillsides.

Wine Cliffs
Ermanno Olmi
Ermanno Olmi Director, Writer
Elisabetta Olmi
Elisabetta Olmi Executive Producer
Massimiliano Pantucci
Massimiliano Pantucci Director of photography
Gaia Ferme
Gaia Ferme First Assistant Camera
Nicola Maspes
Nicola Maspes First Assistant Camera
Fabio Rocchi
Fabio Rocchi Camera Operator
Stefano Slocovich
Stefano Slocovich First Assistant Camera
Adriana Noviello
Adriana Noviello Digital Intermediate
Daniele Romeri
Daniele Romeri Daniele Romeri
Simone Murada
Simone Murada Simone Murada
Alessandra Murada
Alessandra Murada Alessandra Murada
Giulia Murada
Giulia Murada Giulia Murada
Manuel Gatti
Manuel Gatti Manuel Gatti
Nicola Bagini
Nicola Bagini Nicola Bagini
Franco Gugiatti
Franco Gugiatti Franco Gugiatti
Camillo De Piaz
Camillo De Piaz Camillo De Piaz
Bruno Alessandro
Bruno Alessandro Mario Soldati (voice)
Roberto Stocchi
Roberto Stocchi Pietro Ligari (voice)
Alberto Angrisano
Alberto Angrisano Narrator (voice)

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