Wildlife with no Barriers

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  • 2023
  • 41min
Wildlife with no Barriers
  • Original Title: Wildlife with no Barriers

Journey into the heart of nature with a documentary that captures the untamed beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat, highlighting the timeless dance of survival, from breeding to predation, across species

Wildlife with no Barriers

Wildlife with no Barriers - Pristine, Revealing, Educational


This captivating two-year natural history documentary project offers a rare glimpse into the lives of various animals living in complete freedom, showcasing their innate behaviors and interactions. The film vividly captures the dynamic relationships between species, from mammals to birds, and delves into the intricacies of breeding cycles, the raw intensity of predation, and the fierce battles for dominance. It's a journey back in time, portraying life as it existed hundreds of years ago, untainted by modern human influence. Both entertaining and educational, the documentary succeeds in bringing the audience closer to the natural world, revealing the delicate balance and the relentless struggle for survival that define life in the wild.

Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Director

Production Companies

Ferraro Nature Films

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