Wild Lilly

  • 8.5 10
  • 2011
  • 15min
Wild Lilly
  • Original Title: Wild Lilly

Lilly is nine years old and lives with her mother and brothers Robbin and Melvin in a squatter community deep in the woods, until they are faced with some bad news: the terrain their cabin is on is due to be demolished and Lilly will have to leave her forest for the a dime-a-dozen row house and the stone surroundings of the suburbs. Will Lilly rediscover her freedom in her new neighbourhood?

Wild Lilly
AWARDS: Best Short Film. SorsiCorti Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Madeline Island Film Festival/ Nederlands Film Festival/ In The Palace International Film Festival/ Chicago International Children's Film Festival/ "En Foco" Women Film Festival/ Dutch Film Festival in Thailand/ Het Jeugdfilmfestival/ 

Wild Lilly, to be a girl and rediscover happiness

As a nine-years-old girl, Lilly needs very little to be a happy. In the company of her mother and brothers Robbin and Melvin, she lives freely in a perfect place, within a squatter community in the Dutch forest. In the first minutes of film, we see her shouting with joy as she plays on a tree-toothed swing, carefully cutting a wooden log with a saw, or lighting a big bonfire when the day is still sunny. 

But after the government's decision to regain control of the land, her house must be demolished and Lilly will have to leave her ideal place. Filmmaker Sanne Rovers places the film camera from Lilly's perspective in order to film the most important change in Lilly's childhood as she moves to a small, seemingly monotonous neighborhood.

The realism that permeates the story is punctuated by impressionist brushstrokes that rest on the music and sound of the film, which makes us live alongside with Lilly a carousel of emotions. In her quest, Lilly will find out that, as a nine-year-old girl, she needs very little to be happy.

Sanne Rovers
Sanne Rovers Director
Lilly Herself

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