Which Side Are You On?

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  • 1985
  • 52min
Which Side Are You On?
  • Original Title: Which Side Are You On?

Palm D'Or winner Ken Loach directed this provocative and sensitive document on the poetic and artistic side of the Miner's Strike that shocked Britain in 1984.

Which Side Are You On?

AWARDS: Winner. Berlin International Film Festival

Which Side Are You On? Ken Loach on the 1984 Miner's Strike

This documentary made by the renowned British filmmaker Ken LoachA is an anthology of striking miners' songs and poems inspired by the miners' strike of 1984.

The film also shows particularly the role of the police and the media in the dispute. The documentary, originally commissioned by Channel 4, was banned at the time for the controversial "one-sided" view of the conflict.

Loach's intention was to show how art was also a part of the Miner's struggle as a way to protest against the media coverage of the conflict.

Ken Loach
Ken Loach Director

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