Where It Goes

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  • 2018
  • 7min
Where It Goes
  • Original Title: OK Go: Here It Goes Again (2006)

Through the Whatsapp voice notes that she exchanges with her grandmother, a Venezuelan filmmaker living in Barcelona inhabits this essay on the migration process and the uprooting.

Where It Goes

AWARDS: Best Short Documentary Film. Maracaibo Documentary Film Festival/ Best Short Documentary Film, Best Screenplay. Baruta Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Documenta Andino Film Festival/ ABC Spain Iberoamerican Film Festival

Where It Goes. A poetic essay about the uprooting

A root with no ground. Among conversations between the director, who is in the middle of a migratory process, and her grandmother, this short documentary arises as an open question about the subtleties that build us day by day amidst uprooting, distance and home. 

Production Companies

Maria Fernanda Borregales

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