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When We Were Kings

  • 6.7 10
  • 1996
  • Nonemin
When We Were Kings
  • English

It's 1974. Muhammad Ali is 32 and thought by many to be past his prime. George Forman is ten years younger and the heavyweight champion of the world. Promoter Don King wants to make a name for himself and offers both fighters five million dollars apiece to fight one another, and when they accept, King has only to come up with the money. He finds a willing backer in Mobutu Sese Suko, the dictator of Zaire, and the "Rumble in the Jungle" is set, including a musical festival featuring some of America's top black performers, like James Brown and B.B. King.

When We Were Kings
  • English
Leon Gast
Leon Gast Director, Producer...
Taylor Hackford
Taylor Hackford Editor, Producer
David Sonenberg
David Sonenberg Executive Producer
Maryse Alberti
Maryse Alberti Director of Photography
Paul Goldsmith
Paul Goldsmith Director of Photography
Kevin Keating
Kevin Keating Director of Photography
Albert Maysles
Albert Maysles Director of Photography
Roderick Young
Roderick Young Director of Photography
B.B. King
B.B. King Himself
Don King
Don King Himself
Spike Lee
Spike Lee Himself
James Brown
James Brown Himself
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Himself