When People Die They Sing Songs

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  • 2014
  • 47min
When People Die They Sing Songs
  • Original Title: When People Die They Sing Songs (2015)

This documentary tells the compelling story of a mother and daughter who resolve to uncover their wartime past buried half a century ago.

When People Die They Sing Songs

AWARDS: Cine Golden Eagle Award/ International Independent Film Award, Bronze Winner/ Diploma for Cinematic Realization of the Holocaust Memory in XXI century. Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York/ Special Jury Award for Peace & Human Rights in memory of Italian journalist and piece activist Alexander Langer. The Religion Today Film Festival in Italy/ 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Nomination for Student Oscar/ DOC NYC/ Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival/ Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival/ Message to Man International Documentary Film Festival/ Moscow Jewish Film Festival/ Culture Unplugged on-line Film Festival

When People Die They Sing Songs. A mother and daughter fighting oblivion

After suffering a stroke, 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Regina is getting music therapy. Accompanied by a music therapist, Regina sings Yiddish and French songs of her youth.

Her daughter Sonia is with her at every session. This revitalizes their mother-daughter relationship and emboldens them to revisit their past.

The past they were so eager to forget they are now anxious to remember. Yet Regina’s memory is rapidly succumbing to dementia.

Olga Lvoff
Olga Lvoff Director

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Olga Lvoff

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