What The Wind Took Away

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 74min
What The Wind Took Away
  • Original Title: What the wind took away (2018)

This documentary follows Hedil and Naam, two Yazidi women who try to give their families a decent life in a refugee camp after having survived a massacre perpetrated by the Islamic State.

What The Wind Took Away

AWARDS: Austrian Documentary Award. Wien - ethnocineca. International Documentary Film Festival Vienna/ Best Austrian Film. Wien - this human world International Human Rights Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Duisburg - Duisburger Filmwoche/ Kratovo Ethnographic Film Festival Macedonia/ Buenos Aires Festival Int. de Cine Independiente BAFICI/  Margaret Mead Documentary Film Festival

What The Wind Took Away. Life after a massacre

Despite having lost everything, the Yazidi women Hedil and Naam are struggling for a humane life for their families. 

In the Yazidi massacre by the terrorist organisation "Islamic State" they were forced to leave their homeland and have finally found protection in a refugee camp. 

Their situation seems hopeless, stuck between the dictatorship of ISIS and their dream destination: Europe.

Production Companies

Klingenbock Filmproduktion

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