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What about Mojca?

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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
What about Mojca?
  • Slovene

Documentary film explores the role of women in the Slovenian film and is also looking for reflections in the film classics of the constant changing position of women in the society. Documentary also refers to popular and lesser-known women’s roles in the history of Slovenian film, heroines in the literal sense, typical roles in many partisan films, as well as the established clichés: a suffering mother, adulteress, gossip. Through interviews with the actresses, theorists and artists as well as analyzing the most common phrases expressed by women in the Slovenian films, the film tries to reveal the true Slovenian film heroin.

What about Mojca?
  • Slovene
Urša Menart
Urša Menart Director, Writer...
Darko Heric
Darko Heric Director of Photography
Jani Sever
Jani Sever Producer
Nina Jeglič
Nina Jeglič Executive Producer
Matej Andraž Vogrinčič
Matej Andraž Vogrinčič Production Design
Mirela Brkić
Mirela Brkić Makeup Artist
Nejc Prebil
Nejc Prebil Lighting Artist
Juš Premrov
Juš Premrov First Assistant Camera
Nina Cvar
Nina Cvar Herself
Mojca Fatur
Mojca Fatur Herself
Nina Rakovec
Nina Rakovec Herself
Špela Rozin
Špela Rozin Herself
Majda Sirca
Majda Sirca Herself
Pia Zemljič
Pia Zemljič Herself
Maja Weiss
Maja Weiss Herself
Polona Juh
Polona Juh Herself

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