Welcome to North Korea!

  • 7.3 10
  • 2008
  • 76min
Welcome to North Korea!
  • Original Title: Vitejte v KLDR!

The film follows twenty-seven Czechs who have decided to spend approximately 2,600 Euros on a sightseeing tour of a country which cultivates a cult of personality, maintains concentration camps for its citizens and doesn't hide its development of nuclear weapons.

Welcome to North Korea!
 / International Documentary Filmfestival of Amsterdam (IDFA)
 / International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico / City
One World - Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
 / Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

Welcome to North Korea!, sightseeing around the last iron curtain

The rare opportunity to visit the isolated communist country of North Korea cannot be left without proof. That's why director Linda Jablonská travels with 27 Czech tourists to portray a guided tour that they have managed to pay for a little less than 3.000 euros. As soon as they arrive at the minimalist airport of Pyonjang, several of the visitors take out their video cameras – as the use of their cell phones is prohibited - making the tour around the streets and landmarks of the North Korean capital an interactive multi-camera experience.

It is precisely this prismatic point of view what makes Welcome to North Korea! a prized documentary. Who better than Czech visitors to express their opinion on the background of the monotonous and ascetic postcards of Pyonjang when seen with the sieve of having lived in a country with a Soviet past? The documentary flows in a regular pace that provides the viewer with a light trip, very close to a touristic experience. In the film we will stroll through the world's largest unfinished hotel, visit a nightclub, see the programming of a single official television channel, attend a children theatre play where the nation´s leader becomes the center of a personality cult, and much more.

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Negativ Film Productions

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