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Welcome Home

  • 9 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
Welcome Home
  • German

This documentary gives a voice to organizers, DJs and party guests. Through their memories and confessions as well as unpublished videos and photos 20 years of history come back to life.

Welcome Home
  • German
Daniel Laudowicz
Daniel Laudowicz Camera Operator
Marc Voigt
Marc Voigt Camera Operator
Thomas Kalber
Thomas Kalber Sound Designer
Kai Hesselbarth
Kai Hesselbarth Sound Designer
Felix Schlag
Felix Schlag Sound Editor
Steffen Kache
Steffen Kache Steffen Kache
Daniel Stefanik
Daniel Stefanik Daniel Stefanik
Mathias Kaden
Mathias Kaden Mathias Kaden
Banane Berühmt-berüchtigter Türsteher des Clubs
DJ Josh
DJ Josh DJ Josh
Matthias Tanzmann
Matthias Tanzmann Matthias Tanzmann
Chris Liebing
Chris Liebing Chris Liebing
Pascal FEOS
Pascal FEOS Pascal FEOS
Robag Wruhme
Robag Wruhme Robag Wruhme

Production Companies

Vier Viertel Film