Weiyena - The Long March Home

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  • 2020
  • 95min
Weiyena - The Long March Home
  • Original Title: Weiyena - The Long March Home

This thought-provoking documentary traces the intertwining journey of two families across continents and a century, as Weina Zhao explores her Chinese roots, migration, and identity to understand her past.

Weiyena - The Long March Home

AWARDS: Best Documentary Award. Festival DER NEUE HEIMATFILM/ Franz Grabner Prize. Diagonale/ Grand Prize of the International Documentary Competition. Taiwan International Documentary Festival/ VIKTOR DOK. Deutsch Award. DOK.fest München 2020/ Austrian Documentary Award. Ethnocineca 

OFFICIAL SELECTION: DOK.fest/ Ethnocineca/ AT | Festival DER NEUE HEIMATFILM/ AT | Kasseler Dokfest/ DE | Solidarity Human Rights/ IL | Through Women's Eyes/  Diagonale/ Festival des Neuen Heimatfilms/ Taiwan International Documentary Festival 

Weiyena - The Long March Home  - Intimate, Evocative, Cultural

This poignant documentary intertwines two family histories across a century and two metropolises, centered on the life of Weina Zhao. Named "Vienna" by her parents following their emigration to Austria, Weina's journey delves deep into the history of China, tracing back to the Cultural Revolution and leading up to modern China. The film poetically explores the significant themes of the 21st century — migration, identity, and the profound search for one's past. Through Weina's personal story, the documentary navigates the complexities of cultural heritage and self-discovery in a rapidly evolving world, offering an intimate look into the challenges and beauty of bridging multiple worlds and histories.

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