We are Boys

  • 8.8 10
  • 2015
  • 16min
We are Boys
  • Original Title: We are Boys

A film by Tomas Kaan about the friendship between 12-year old Jim and 10-year old Sam and the last summer they spend together before Jim goes to high school. A story about friendship, growing up and what it means to be a boy.

We are Boys
AWARDS: Children Jury's Prize. Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Astra Film Festival/ Oberhausen International Short Film Festival/ CineKid Film Festival

We are Boys, growing up wild and free

One last summer at home is simply a perfect excuse to be a teenager at its best. Jim, a 12-year-old Dutch boy, is about to go away from home to attend high school, which does not necessarily is a happy thing considering that he will have to get away from Sam, who is 10 years old and his best friend.

They both do it all together. Either to go bother the most obstinate neighbor, to burn their flatulence with a tinderbox or to laugh at the funny drawings of the school's sexual orientation book. Dutch director Tomas Kaan accompanies this pair of free elves as they try to get the juice out of the summer sun before they have to break away.

Jim and Sam´s energy is spread trough the film, so the film camera flies up and down in his trot through the wide provincial meadows, but also it lingers from a convenient distance to capture a conversation before bedtime where the jokes and the dreams of a precipitous adulthood flourish among the most sincere friendship.

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