The Water Law

  • 8 10
  • 2014
  • 78min
The Water Law
  • Original Title: A Lei Da Água

Educational, incisive, necessary. This ecological documentary puts the spotlight on the Forest Code, a legislation implemented in Brazil in 2012 that threatens the natural water sources of its population.

The Water Law

Water Law. Brazil and the "Forest Code"

Water Law is a Brazilian documentary that explains the relationship between the new Forest Code and the Brazilian water crisis.

The film shows the importance of forests for the conservation of water resources in Brazil, and problematizes the impact of the new Forest Code, approved by Congress in 2012, on this ecosystem and the lives of Brazilians.

The quality and quantity of water available to us is directly related to environmental legislation, a set of rules that define, among other things, which areas of a rural property should be maintained with native vegetation, cultivated or restored.

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