Water Crisis USA

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  • 2020
  • 16min
Water Crisis USA
  • Original Title: Water Crisis USA

Rising tides threaten ancestral grounds while megadroughts parch cities. Dive into America's climatic contradictions and witness the nation's heartbeats of resilience and adaptation.

Water Crisis USA

Water Crisis USA - Adaptation, Resilience

In this educational short film made by the UN, viewers are thrust into the frontlines of a global climatic upheaval. As erratic weather patterns create chaos, the United States grapples with extreme water dilemmas. In Washington State, the ancient roots of the Quinault tribe face an existential threat. Their coastal village, which has stood as a testament to their resilience and culture for millennia, is now under siege from rising tides, forcing them into heart-wrenching decisions of relocation and cultural preservation. Yet, a contrasting crisis unfolds in Phoenix, Arizona. Amidst a backdrop of relentless heatwaves, the city confronts a historic megadrought. The life-giving Colorado River, once a symbol of nature's abundance, now trickles alarmingly, urging officials and citizens to rethink water usage. The scenario becomes even more dire for Phoenix's homeless, as the scorching streets offer no respite. This documentary uncovers the dichotomy of water crises, revealing a nation's race against time to adapt, innovate, and survive.

United Nations
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