• 9 10
  • 2017
  • 70min
  • Original Title: Waithira

To dig into her family tree, a Kenyan woman in exile embarks on a journey to three countries to construct the figure of her paternal grandmother. Her name was Waithira.


AWARDS: Jury Award. Luxor African Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Encounters South Africa/ Durban International Film Festival

Waithira. An African family tree

Njoki Munyiri was not yet 15 years old when he left her native Kenya. Since then, she has lived in more than three countries as an African migrant. 

In this "Identity Limbo", Njoki sets out on a search for her roots, specifically to learn about the life of her paternal grandmother, Waithira.

This documentary follows Njoki on this intimate and revealing journey through Europe and his native Kenya. Along the way, she meets relatives who piece together a puzzle of a family history full of illuminating  information that will transform her life for ever.

Njoki Munyiri
Njoki Munyiri Director

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