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Vienna's Water

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  • 2010
  • Nonemin
Vienna's Water
  • English, German

As all the world knows, Vienna is a city on the Danube.Day after day, the metropolis and its inhabitants consume roughly 370,000 cubic metres of water – hardly unusual for a city as big.It may come as a surprise that not one drop of this water is abstracted from the Danube.All water drunk, used for cooking, showering and flushing or drawn from wells, all water that enters sewers and treatment plants originates in the Alps.Crystal-clear drinking water adds glamour and brilliance to the city.How this valuable resource travels to Vienna, changing itself and the city in the process before ending up in the river, is the stuff of stories. This is the story of Vienna’s water.

Vienna's Water
  • English, German
Georg Riha
Georg Riha Director, Producer...
Jörg Achatz
Jörg Achatz Visual Effects
Mark Beckmann
Mark Beckmann Visual Effects
Nikola Tasik
Nikola Tasik Visual Effects
Reinhard Schmid
Reinhard Schmid Additional Photography, Music
Martin Riha
Martin Riha Sound Designer, Music...
David Hughes
David Hughes Color Designer
Karin Schleifer
Karin Schleifer Production Manager
Eleonora Frey
Eleonora Frey Production Manager
Willi Zanat
Willi Zanat Production Manager
Walter Köhler
Walter Köhler Executive Producer
Thomas Kirschner
Thomas Kirschner Director of Photography
Roman Ganhör
Roman Ganhör Additional Photography
Erich Pröll
Erich Pröll Additional Photography
Tomas Hulik
Tomas Hulik Additional Photography
Andreas Haider
Andreas Haider Additional Photography
Howard Nightingall
Howard Nightingall Narrator (English Version)
Wolfgang Böck
Wolfgang Böck Narrator (German Version)

Production Companies

RIHA Filmproduktions GmbH