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Victor's Last Class

  • 10 10
  • 2018
  • 82min
Victor's Last Class
  • Original Title: Victor's Last Class

How much pain can you accumulate until you can't take it anymore? This light-hearted documentary follows an acting teacher preparing to commit suicide at 52, and the young filmmaker who documents the days leading up to his vanishing.

Victor's Last Class

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA Forum/ Twin Cities Film Festival/ Pasadena International Film Festival/ Kansas International Film Festival/ San Antonio Film Festival/ New Filmmakers New York

Victor's Las Class. A light-hearted documentary about suicide

In March 2009, Victor D'Altorio announced to his friends and family that he planned to end his life. 3 Months later he met filmmaker Brendan Brandt, who convinced Victor to let him document his story.

This is an award-nominated festival darling that handles a difficult topic (suicide) with humor and heart. Raw, honest, and verite - with Emmy-winning editor Arielle Amsalem. 

Brendan Brandt
Brendan Brandt Director

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