• 8.3 10
  • 2009
  • 51min

Victor has a rare form of cancer in an advanced stage. Moreover, his wife is about to divorce him. Trapped in the antechamber of death and with his family falling to pieces, he knows that perhaps the most important decisions of his life must be taken here and now.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

Victor, living life walking towards the sunset

"For a brief moment you see the person who you used to love, who seems so good and so nice, and some minutes later he changes into a monster" With these words Victor's wife describe her husband in the most difficult phase of life, as he has to face a cancer in the spring of his existence. In addition, a divorce in doors makes every encounter between Victor and his daughter a precious moment in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Between the morphine that has to be injected to withstand the pains that afflict him and the glasses of vodka that refresh the tongue in the company of some friends, Victor lives his everyday moments as if they were fragments of an uncertain wait. The eyes on an hourglass become a look that oscillates between melancholy and obstinate hope.

Andris Gauja
Andris Gauja Director

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